Friday, August 6, 2010


I laughed out loud when I came across the first photo. This was our first pregnancy photo and we both thought that I was indeed showing. Perhaps we were just a little eager? The other photo was taken just a couple of weeks ago during the coastal portion of our Italy trip. I'm not usually one to swim in oceans because I have an irrational fear of sharks and swimming in southern California ocean waters is kind of like swimming in a giant toilet, but THIS water was irresistible! It's this magnificent blue-green that I wish I could make a part of my everyday life somehow because it's the color peace would be if peace was a "thing" and had a color. At the same time it was crystal clear and you could see all the mossy rocks and little fish below. So, I decided that it was too good to pass up. I basically dog paddled around until my arms got tired, enjoying the feeling of weightlessness, trying NOT to wonder about what kind of sharks prefer the Amalfi coast. Instead, I wondered if the baby could feel how wonderful the water was. And I felt even closer to him, thinking that this is what it must feel like to be floating around in a mothers womb.