Friday, August 6, 2010


I laughed out loud when I came across the first photo. This was our first pregnancy photo and we both thought that I was indeed showing. Perhaps we were just a little eager? The other photo was taken just a couple of weeks ago during the coastal portion of our Italy trip. I'm not usually one to swim in oceans because I have an irrational fear of sharks and swimming in southern California ocean waters is kind of like swimming in a giant toilet, but THIS water was irresistible! It's this magnificent blue-green that I wish I could make a part of my everyday life somehow because it's the color peace would be if peace was a "thing" and had a color. At the same time it was crystal clear and you could see all the mossy rocks and little fish below. So, I decided that it was too good to pass up. I basically dog paddled around until my arms got tired, enjoying the feeling of weightlessness, trying NOT to wonder about what kind of sharks prefer the Amalfi coast. Instead, I wondered if the baby could feel how wonderful the water was. And I felt even closer to him, thinking that this is what it must feel like to be floating around in a mothers womb.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Moving in...

I realize that it's been quite a while since my last real post. I have been a bit taken by life's transitions as of late. Good transitions. Surprising transitions! One of which continues to hit me each time I look at my growing belly in the mirror and I think, "Oh my goodness...there really IS a baby in there." It's hard to believe that I'm already at the half way mark on the pregnancy timeline. It's strange to think back to the different surprises. Everything from, "Oh my gosh! We're pregnant!,"to "Oh my gosh! It's a boy!," and "Whoa! I think he's kicking!" It's an amazing ride. We have this drawer that we have been using to store some of the baby things that we have been collecting. Sweet gifts from thoughtful friends who are excited for his arrival are slowly filling it up. And each time I open it I am overwhelmed with the evidence that HE is moving in. His T-shirts and hats and blankets are already there. He will be here sooner than we can imagine and then our lives will never be the same. Life will be rich and challenging in new ways for us. We will have a son!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy 31 Liz and Jim

This was a special treat. My wonderful in-laws celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary last week! These two are simply the best. I love their relationship because you can tell that they not only LOVE each other but they really really LIKE each other. They have traveled the world, raised 3 boys who have grown up to be good men (I know. I married one!), followed their passions and supported each other every step of the way. I was happy to capture their love for each other "film". Congratulations on 31 wonderful years of life together!

Old Town Monrovia, Ca

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Little Erik

Erik's parents gave this to us during our last visit. It's an old Temple City newspaper and that is little Erik standing at the front of the line of swimmers. I love his little-boy belly and his crossed toes. :) Simply adorable.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Maiden Flight

Today was the day for the maiden flight of an old junker bicycle made new again. We found this jewel over two years ago when we first moved in to our old apartment. It was abandoned by the previous owner. Tucked under the outside stairs in the backyard that led up to our little newlywed nest, this bike sat lonely and unloved covered in spider webs and rust. I wondered how anyone could just LEAVE something so adorable behind! Sure, the tires were flat and the paint was chipped but that was no reason to take away its dignity and purpose sure. that works.

"Someday I'll fix her up," I thought.

It sat for another year with us and then we packed it up along with the rest of our things when we moved to where we are living now. And it's been sitting here for for the last 10 months doing the same thing it was doing at the old apartment for God knows how long. Until last week. We finally took her in to the shop where they took good care of her. They gave her a new chain, new brake pads, new tires, and air tubes. And after an hour or so of scrubbing I was able to get rid of most of the rust and to my surprise the bike shined and looked like new! well...more like "old new" which is just as exciting to me.

So, today I road this bike to work for the maiden flight. It felt a little like flying compared to my other bike. Maybe it's just the thrill of making old things new again.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Visiting Aunt Lola

Dad's shadow

Today I remember Dad. He was such a good man. And an even better father. I remember my dad being kind, loving, and funny. He loved being outside and he had a green thumb. I remember his voice and his laugh. And I remember his colossal sneezes that I could sometimes hear from all the way out in the front yard and I remember his snoring. He was a great BBQ griller and he loved his double cheese burger from IN N' OUT. It's strange to think that he's been gone now for as long as he was physically present as my father. Fourteen years sounds like such a long time.

Each year it's a little different. The anniversary often releases memories and emotions that I keep buried during the rest of the year. Both the pleasant and unpleasant ones. Not knowing what to expect today I decided that what I needed was to go where I could feel a little more connected to him. So Erik and I packed some things and headed out to Azusa Canyon. It was beautiful. The creek was a full rushing blue-green river because of the recent heavy rains and the sound of it bounced off the canyon walls. The hillsides were green and hawks flew overhead. It was a day that Dad would have loved.

Today I felt Peace.

It was as though he was walking with us on the trail today.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Rain. It's a much needed quenching of the dry and thirsty southern California soil. It's a gift from above. Rejoice!

I felt very thankful for the first storm.

"Good!" I thought, "Now all I want to do is watch the rain. I'll just kick back and let myself errand running. No driving. No going anywhere...this is great!" And it was.

Then there were a couple more rainy days. And I could feel my feet itching to get outside. But it was coming down too hard to bike anywhere. "OK...I can handle another afternoon cozied up in our house. No biggie."

And then there was the last storm. The one that finally stole my sanity.

I sat and listened to the rain as the white noise it had become. Picked up a book. Put it down. Picked up a couple others. Put them back on the shelf. I was frustrated with my incredible disinterest and with the noise of the rain. Feeling Zombie-like I picked up some yarn and sort of unconsciously crocheted a beanie and listened to a podcast about OCD that left me wondering, "Do I have OCD?". Not helping. At all. I finished the beanie and added it to the grocery bag full of beanies I've made, feeling annoyed that I've made so many for no apparent reason. (Anyone want one?) I saw that Jake's expression captured my inner state perfectly and so I grabbed the camera, took some photos and sat down again.

"What I wouldn't give to be able to work on the garden right now...or to go for a run or even a frickin WALK!"

And I had my Charlie Brown moment.


The rain poured down heavier and seemed to say sinisterly,

"Youuuuuuuu are ttttraaaaapppppped! Mmmmwwwaaaahahahaha!"

"I. NEED. OUT!!!"

I'm afraid my patience has been waring because as much as I like the idea of being stuck at home with nothing better to do but curl up with a good book and listening to the sound of falling rain I am eventually and inevitably possessed by a force more powerful than the thunderstorm that rattles our windows. I'm talking about severe cabin fever. Being cooped up for too long and at the the mercy of Jake's (our beagle) bathroom breaks has left me feeling a little crazy. OK...REALLY crazy.

So, today I thank God for sunshine by taking myself and my dog for a much needed and appreciated hike through Eaton Canyon. but not before washing my hands 7 times. ;) Just kidding.