Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Visiting Aunt Lola

Dad's shadow

Today I remember Dad. He was such a good man. And an even better father. I remember my dad being kind, loving, and funny. He loved being outside and he had a green thumb. I remember his voice and his laugh. And I remember his colossal sneezes that I could sometimes hear from all the way out in the front yard and I remember his snoring. He was a great BBQ griller and he loved his double cheese burger from IN N' OUT. It's strange to think that he's been gone now for as long as he was physically present as my father. Fourteen years sounds like such a long time.

Each year it's a little different. The anniversary often releases memories and emotions that I keep buried during the rest of the year. Both the pleasant and unpleasant ones. Not knowing what to expect today I decided that what I needed was to go where I could feel a little more connected to him. So Erik and I packed some things and headed out to Azusa Canyon. It was beautiful. The creek was a full rushing blue-green river because of the recent heavy rains and the sound of it bounced off the canyon walls. The hillsides were green and hawks flew overhead. It was a day that Dad would have loved.

Today I felt Peace.

It was as though he was walking with us on the trail today.


  1. Wunderful post for your Father.
    If we miss having a good relationship (or none) with either a mother or father, we miss out on something that helps to complete us.