Sunday, February 7, 2010


Rain. It's a much needed quenching of the dry and thirsty southern California soil. It's a gift from above. Rejoice!

I felt very thankful for the first storm.

"Good!" I thought, "Now all I want to do is watch the rain. I'll just kick back and let myself errand running. No driving. No going anywhere...this is great!" And it was.

Then there were a couple more rainy days. And I could feel my feet itching to get outside. But it was coming down too hard to bike anywhere. "OK...I can handle another afternoon cozied up in our house. No biggie."

And then there was the last storm. The one that finally stole my sanity.

I sat and listened to the rain as the white noise it had become. Picked up a book. Put it down. Picked up a couple others. Put them back on the shelf. I was frustrated with my incredible disinterest and with the noise of the rain. Feeling Zombie-like I picked up some yarn and sort of unconsciously crocheted a beanie and listened to a podcast about OCD that left me wondering, "Do I have OCD?". Not helping. At all. I finished the beanie and added it to the grocery bag full of beanies I've made, feeling annoyed that I've made so many for no apparent reason. (Anyone want one?) I saw that Jake's expression captured my inner state perfectly and so I grabbed the camera, took some photos and sat down again.

"What I wouldn't give to be able to work on the garden right now...or to go for a run or even a frickin WALK!"

And I had my Charlie Brown moment.


The rain poured down heavier and seemed to say sinisterly,

"Youuuuuuuu are ttttraaaaapppppped! Mmmmwwwaaaahahahaha!"

"I. NEED. OUT!!!"

I'm afraid my patience has been waring because as much as I like the idea of being stuck at home with nothing better to do but curl up with a good book and listening to the sound of falling rain I am eventually and inevitably possessed by a force more powerful than the thunderstorm that rattles our windows. I'm talking about severe cabin fever. Being cooped up for too long and at the the mercy of Jake's (our beagle) bathroom breaks has left me feeling a little crazy. OK...REALLY crazy.

So, today I thank God for sunshine by taking myself and my dog for a much needed and appreciated hike through Eaton Canyon. but not before washing my hands 7 times. ;) Just kidding.


  1. This post reminds me of the lyrics to a Springsteen song of the same title - Trapped!

  2. HAHAHAHA OCD Jamie! hilarious. :)

  3. And you want to move to Washington? ;)

  4. Yeah...we're going to invest in a sun lamp. :) seriously.