Monday, February 22, 2010

Maiden Flight

Today was the day for the maiden flight of an old junker bicycle made new again. We found this jewel over two years ago when we first moved in to our old apartment. It was abandoned by the previous owner. Tucked under the outside stairs in the backyard that led up to our little newlywed nest, this bike sat lonely and unloved covered in spider webs and rust. I wondered how anyone could just LEAVE something so adorable behind! Sure, the tires were flat and the paint was chipped but that was no reason to take away its dignity and purpose sure. that works.

"Someday I'll fix her up," I thought.

It sat for another year with us and then we packed it up along with the rest of our things when we moved to where we are living now. And it's been sitting here for for the last 10 months doing the same thing it was doing at the old apartment for God knows how long. Until last week. We finally took her in to the shop where they took good care of her. They gave her a new chain, new brake pads, new tires, and air tubes. And after an hour or so of scrubbing I was able to get rid of most of the rust and to my surprise the bike shined and looked like new! well...more like "old new" which is just as exciting to me.

So, today I road this bike to work for the maiden flight. It felt a little like flying compared to my other bike. Maybe it's just the thrill of making old things new again.


  1. so cute!!
    she's gorgeous.
    ps... i finally bought A PEOPLE'S HISTORY and was reading it on the Metro.
    man, i really WOULD have loved to meet that man.
    but GUESS WHAT! i left it on the gold line!!
    i hope someone else enjoys zinn's thoughts.
    saving up to buy another copy....

  2. 嗨!很喜歡來這欣賞你的作品,幫你推推推當上人氣王唷.........................

  3. Great picture. Great story! I love it.