Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy 31 Liz and Jim

This was a special treat. My wonderful in-laws celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary last week! These two are simply the best. I love their relationship because you can tell that they not only LOVE each other but they really really LIKE each other. They have traveled the world, raised 3 boys who have grown up to be good men (I know. I married one!), followed their passions and supported each other every step of the way. I was happy to capture their love for each other "film". Congratulations on 31 wonderful years of life together!

Old Town Monrovia, Ca


  1. congratulations to them. I loved talking with Erik's dad at Pinocchio's last year when you guys were playing. Any new gig's coming up?

  2. 量力而為,別勉強了,Cut your coat according to your cloth..............................................

  3. Hi Jamie,

    I don't usually comment here, mostly because I'm shy even electronically.


    In a lot of your photos but in this set especially I am moved by the warmth you've managed to capture.

    I was just commenting on Deurmeier's ( I guess I mean Erik's :))blog that in his comics he has an incredible ability to capture the warmth of everyday life - I guess what I'm asking is have you ever considered collaborating on a project even if it's just a personal project, I am personally intrigued by what you two could create together.

    Pardon the pun, I'm sure that whatever you two collaborate on will be pregnant with love and warmth.

    Or is the creative sphere something you guys prefer to keep separate? Which is perfectly understandable but I was just curious.

    PS: When I say collaboration I mean specifically in the visual arts?