Sunday, May 24, 2009


Our reunions have a way of clearing out the dust that can sometimes accumulate on my spirit. I sometimes forget how much of ME has been born out of these priceless relationships. But then of course I am reminded on the rare occasion where all of us are able to return "home" for an afternoon or even an hour. A familiar voice. A familiar place. A familiar feeling of peace and of being accepted and embraced just as I am.

Yesterday, we celebrated Lacee's engagement with an afternoon of trying on wedding dresses and recovering with lunch. We found ourselves sitting on the same couch in the same shop where 3 of us purchased our wedding dresses. So it has become a sweet and sentimental tradition. As I sat there watching Lacee staring at herself as a "bride" for the first time I was overwhelmed. Jenae was the first to stand in front of that giant mirror. Lacee cried when she came out. Then it was Dani. And not too long ago it was I who stood there excited and nervous (not to mention completely disgusted by how expensive an article of clothing could be!) My mind was suddenly flooded by vivid memories

I have known all of them since 1st grade or so. Our little souls were introduced to each other through interwoven experiences of a church children's choir, soccer, and Mrs. Finkbinder's 1st grade class. But it wasn't until Jr. high that we became "the four of us."

In February of 8th grade, my dad committed suicide. His death was a sort of line in the sand if you will. Some friends seemed to back away slowly...unsure of how to be my friend through such an intense and unusual loss. Suicide is a dirty reality check, especially to kids. You can't really blame people for being afraid.

But these were the three that stepped over the line and saw me through the hardest time in my life.

I think trials are the super-glue in friendships. Laughter takes a close second place. Very close. But trials take the cake. You can connect through laughter but when you have been to hell and back with someone the roots go down deep. And the reality is, if your friends haven't seen you cry and shake your fist at the heavens, they haven't seen you. At least the whole you.

It's true. People change. WE have changed quite a bit as individuals and are walking our own paths and staying true to our own convictions about life and love and happiness. And though we may not understand each others ways, we most certainly try to. And trying is what really counts when it comes to making friendships last.

Words can't express how grateful I am to have shared so many years of friendship with these incredible human beings. They hold up a mirror that many times show me who I really am when life has tried to turn me into something else. And they encourage me with their own unique strength and beauty to live life to the fullest and with a fantastic sense of humor.

Thanks girls. I love you to pieces.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back in time?

As I said before, Erik and I have been getting to know our new neighborhood. We were explorers this weekend, walking the streets and popping our heads into new doors including one of a great salvadorean place called La Caravana. The food was delicious! The handmade pupusas were fantastic and brought back fond memories of our visit to Guatemala last summer. I am easily thrown back in time by familiar tastes and smells.

Earlier this evening we made our way up to The Coffee Gallery Backstage hoping to see Janet Klein and the Parlor boys' perform. It turned out that the show started an hour earlier than I had thought AND tickets were twenty bucks a pop...twenty dollars more than we had bargained for. Oh well. I'm not a die hard fan, but she is an interesting character and I enjoy that old jazz kind of sound. She and the band came out to the front of the shop during what I am guessing was the intermission. They walked by and for a split second I had forgotten what time era we were in. If you look her up you'll understand what I mean.

Though we missed the show, we stayed to enjoy a couple of drinks people watched. The shop is great...nice people, lots of space, good drinks and interesting art. AND they serve breakfast (my favorite meal of the day)! They have a bookshelf that hold lots of books you can exchange for. Bring in one you don't really want anymore and you can take your pick! I suspect this place will be my new home away from home.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Breathing easy

I am feeling more lighthearted lately. Things seem to be looking up. Erik and I moved into this great little back house in north Pasadena just off of Lake Ave. It was sad leaving our old neighborhood. Our little tree house above all the happenings of Allen and Colorado was everything we hoped it would be aside from a few bumps here and there (like that neighbor who called the cops on me claiming that I was playing LOUD music on an electric guitar...I wasn't. I was playing Amazing Grace on my acoustic when the police officer came knocking on our door...such haters! Another bump? We weren't allowed to have animals so we had to hide our cat Zooey for a year, pulling her away from the sunny windows that looked down onto the street. So sad! )

Now we can play music, enjoy our animals, and breathe a little easier at our new place. Here we are appreciating the opportunity to spend our days doing the things we enjoy most without the worry of tattletales peering at us through a hole in the fence.